If I say come
Let's sail away my love
Let's take it all above
Flowin' in the dark
'Gonna light a spark
I like to feel warm
Thus I can live in the storm

Let's give it all
We don't need no call
We don't need no hope
We don't need no dope
Only got to ride
We ain't got to hide
We've got a shelter inside

And anyway, sun is conin' our way
And sometimes, if it's a rainy day
We won't mind and we'll shed no tears
Free from the blind, gonna burn our fears, our fears

And awake in the moonlight
Let your nightmare fade away
It's earth to shake in the day light
Let your laughter hold your way
Fill it up in hard times
It's like to pray
Warm it up like your own child
Life is a game to play
Sun is comin' our way (x3)
It's time to drift away ...